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Sunday's Tweets

09:41 Fun watching two Mormons go at each other. http://t.co/t9hnI68o
10:04 Just got my tickets for @thrillingadv & #w00tstock at http://t.co/WHeowjMm in January. Front row center! Can't do better than that, can I?
11:46 My followers live in the U.S. (71.9%), the U.K. (6.3%), Canada (5.2%) & more. Create your map at http://t.co/H5oz9uHI
12:25 @paulandstorm You better not be entertaining, darn you! Save that for the real cruise!
13:24 Poor Mittens. Must be tough to be better in theory than you are in practice. If only you didn't have to be seen or heard.
17:06 Watching season 6 of Perry Mason on DVD. Bette Davis guest starred. She looks *old* & drag queeny. Scary that she was younger than I am now.
20:19 Top 10 Iowa debate moments. #1 is brilliant, although #10 is good too. Funnily enough, both are about Michele Bachmann. http://t.co/3No0waEK
22:27 Newt's sister doesn't know if he's honestly anti-gay or just a bigot for hire. But either way she supports Obama. http://t.co/LqZqdZ03