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Friday's Tweets

08:36 Huh. That Commandment isn't about coveting property; it's about taking it. An ancient mistranslation. http://t.co/i8LaPTWx
11:42 New Years Eve movie gets not just negative reviews, but hostile, disgusted, offended reviews. So much entertainment. http://t.co/j9GaiZmZ
11:44 Kris Humphries blindsided that GMA interview was all about his marriage? Why else would anybody want to talk to him? http://t.co/U2rpcjBq
13:12 @VictoriaDahl Cocks are not supposed to sparkle. And neither are vampires, now that I think of it.
14:40 Thank you, Twitter! How else would I know that @ThrillingAdv and #w00tstock are coming to SF in January? I'm so there! http://t.co/YbTpsShK
17:20 @reduced I use Echofon on iPhone and Mac. Gave up on official Twitter client ages ago.
18:51 Santorum's a solid block of cheese? He's certainly a block of something. http://t.co/IhiCUdYI