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Thursday's Tweets

08:32 Up late last night listening to http://t.co/ZxjKgNGR recording of Nicholas Nickelby. Voice quality all over the map, but I persevered!
09:45 Finished my first full length Dickens novel via Librivox audio. He wrote a fine story, buried under a ton of tedious and pointless subplots.
09:49 Once again, an @ebertchicago review is far more entertaining than its subject. http://t.co/FFYSbe2g
10:14 @billprady @MarkoLazari Wouldn't be worth it if you could make him. Folks who are interesting on Twitter want to be here. Like you, Bill.
10:34 @cabri It was Nicholas Nickleby. I'm about halfway through Great Expectations, which could use a few of NN's laughs.
12:52 Wait! Matlock wasn't really a good lawyer? Okay, I buy that. But Atticus? Say it ain't so! http://t.co/KR4xawoc
13:12 At last, a candidate I can get behind. He's full of hope. And felt. http://t.co/UqVEsPtK
13:51 Idiot defaces Wisconsin recall petition, arrested for committing a felony, will likely lose his right to vote. http://t.co/osNkM3AB
13:52 @donttrythis Agreed. Relieved nobody got hurt.
21:12 RT @YourDailyCute: Heeere's today's Cute: Baby Kitten Just Learning to Groom Herself http://t.co/xvZfPrMy - Sweetest. Video. Ever. :) [Aww.]
22:34 @wilw The Man With Two Brains? I *love* that movie!