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Tuesday's Tweets

07:26 RT @TheDailyShow: .@THEHermanCain ends campaign quoting closing credit song from Pokemon: The Movie 2000. http://t.co/NF8p3rOk [Surreal.]
07:45 Is there no one at @PayPal to intervene in the @regretsy matter? Their reputation for tone deaf customer service takes another massive hit.
10:40 So @PayPal has released @regretsy's accounts. Think they beat the crap out of the employee who made them look like such assholes?
13:32 CNET's http://t.co/RH1XnU9l installs malware with that free software. Scummy bastards. http://t.co/mEaUvCtu
14:18 @mariancall -29F in Rochester, NY. -50 with wind chill.
15:02 Jon Huntsman backs off on climate change; Huntsman's IQ (or just his integrity) backs off a dozen points or so. http://t.co/dPkbLkqp
21:11 Did Jon Stewart really call Donald Trump "a circus peanut wearing a badger"? By golly, I think he did!
22:42 Woman who attacked ObamaCare gets cancer, gets treated only because of ObamaCare. How ironic is that? http://t.co/KxhojKAn