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Thursday's Tweets

11:04 Huntsman ad shows how much Mittens Romney disagrees with himself, denies saying what he said. Harsh but fair. http://t.co/T0mv7WpF
11:05 Dentist visit first thing this morning. Never a pleasant time, but I emerged unbloodied if not entirely unbowed. I'll call that a victory.
11:44 George Lucas's 7 Deadly Star Wars Revisionist Sins. That'd be my list too. http://t.co/6MqeJ9XB
11:57 @annvosspeterson That's good. And his need to link *everything* together in the last movie. Give us a little credit.
12:05 @annvosspeterson My favorite dumb moment was Padme naming the twins, as if we in the audience wouldn't know who these kids are. Subtle much?
14:43 Bachmann logic: Gays can so marry! They just can't marry anyone of the same sex! And neither can straight people!
14:47 RT @Cabel: Truth in advertising #thedeck http://t.co/zdx4dElC [Oy, do they need help.]
15:56 Danger 5. It's like every bad series to come out of ITV in the 60s. Only AWESOME! http://t.co/5kBArJ6z
16:32 Finished Steve Jobs bio. Now I understand why my tenure at Apple was so nasty, brutish and short.