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Tuesday's Tweets

10:20 @reduced I'm thinking a chuffaw sounds less like like one of the Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.
10:57 MSFT lets you try Windows Phone 7 on the web. I tried it at MSFT Store. Didn't hate it, but didn't like it either. http://t.co/blswj9Uo
12:53 Rick Perry doesn't care about voters under 21. Unless... could it be he doesn't *know* the voting age? http://t.co/QBsOyNfg
19:45 Listening to Something Fierce, the new album by @MarianCall. So cool, although seeing her perform live's just that much better.
20:53 Just got the weirdest call from the Obama campaign. I swear this woman must work phone sex lines during office hours. And not in a good way.