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Monday's Tweets

08:20 @VictoriaDahl Hurry and get better, Victoria. This place is awfully dull without you.
11:34 Gov. Brownback staff says they overreacted to student's dis on Twitter. Gee, ya think? http://t.co/47gQuH3D
11:59 Via @thinkgeek, urine-controlled video games. Is nothing sacred? http://t.co/aOGm1CBW
14:33 The phishers are out in force. One attempt against PayPal last week; one against Apple today. I remain vigilant.
15:19 RT @JamesPMorrison: Herman Cain appears to be a man trapped in several women's bodies. [Starting to feel sorry for the poor boob.]
15:25 RT @chrismarquardt: The U.S http://t.co/6MzIxgy3 [Yep, that's about the size of it.]
16:37 Best conversation ever. @StephenAtHome interviews @NeilTyson about cosmology and a lot of other stuff. http://t.co/vfhdOiIC
17:25 @VictoriaDahl Not a laugh track. That's actual laughter from a studio audience.