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Sunday's Tweets

13:10 Just made my first purchases in the Apple Store using the Apple Store app. Great; an even easier way to part with my money.
13:12 Microsoft Store is open at Valley Fair. Just like the Apple Store, only louder and full of crap products I'd never want to buy.
13:13 MSFT Store has a slate for $1100. Bigger, heavier & more expensive than an iPad. Sure, I'd buy that.
15:06 Enjoying the Premiere episode of #Farscape on Blu-Ray. Looks great, although weird to watch 4x3 on a widescreen set. "You fart helium?"
18:45 Interesting piece on @OnTheMedia this week about Cow Clicker, a Facebook app I thought was pointless. Turns out that was exactly the point.
18:49 BTW, MSFT Store has Kindles on display (but not the Fire). Tried them. Hated them.
19:14 RT @mariancall: *wants to be Eowyn* [I thought you were!]
19:40 @mariancall But I realize I've never seen the two of you in the same place. Hmm...
20:30 @joshtpm Really? When I dumped #earthlink for AT&T DSL, they canceled me without any argument. At least that's how I remember it...
20:36 @joshtpm Wow. Definitely not my experience. AmEx was another matter. They took a *lot* of convincing to let me go.
21:22 So if I insult a Governor, can I have thousands of followers too? (In honor of @emmakate988, who deserves the honor and all her followers.)