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Wednesday's Tweets

09:13 Rick Perry: In every person's soul, there is a hole that can only be filled by the Lord Jesus Christ. Me: Fuck off and die, Rick Perry.
09:43 Glad to know Romney's campaign isn't bugged by that whole Bear False Witness thing in the 10 Commandments. http://t.co/gQMSGsxo
10:48 @millhouseyiddo What can I say? As a non-Christian, I take offense at any claim that Their Way is the only way. Even worse from a candidate.
11:02 @millhouseyiddo I know you were going for comic effect. I just felt the need to say why it was such an offensive remark.
11:03 @millhouseyiddo Besides, any rant against Christians has to be done before Thanksgiving, else it get filed under the War on Christmas.
12:34 @millhouseyiddo Naw, Perry's done. Looking like Mittens, with Newt a dark horse possibility.
12:39 @millhouseyiddo No, Perry's the forgetful one. Mittens is the "say whatever you want to hear" flip-flopper.
16:39 Me? I'm thankful for @paulandstorm, & not just because they were part of the group that gave us Enormous Penis. http://t.co/Iax2Bz2e
17:13 @cschweitz @joshtpm As with the Fox News babes, I can't let your hotness obscure your vile views. Muppets are good for America!