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Saturday's Tweets

08:31 Amazon leads massive shakeup in publishing. Big lesson to microstock agencies like iStock who screw their suppliers. http://t.co/tdu37WG7
10:15 Conan's farewell to The Tonight Show as kinetic typography. Cooler than it sounds. Amazingly cool. http://t.co/xWJRpWeG
10:18 Bill O'Reilly is just as truth-challenged regarding history as he is with current events.http://bit.ly/tIWEXY
10:23 @cschweitz iOS 5.0.1 fixes a few bugs, including some security issues. If you upgrade from the phone itself, it's quick. No problems.
12:30 @paulandstorm Since you love & recommend @ThrillingAdv, may I suggest @Decoder_Ring? A little more serious (a very little) but sublime.
16:59 Looks like my iPhone/Microcell problems may be false positives. It all works, even when the phone says it has no signal. Weird, huh?
17:09 Herman Cain would overthrow Iran's government? Been there, done that, had our embassy occupied when they took it back. Not our finest hours.
18:20 RT @TPM: Cain and Bachmann pledge to bring back waterboarding: http://t.co/nEqpA9GL [Of each other?]
19:46 Listening to Shatner cover of Bohemian Rhapsody on @Coverville. God, please make it stop! We're talking Mr. Tambourine Man level of awful.
22:31 Michele Bachmann demands equal opportunity for her campaign? I thought she was opposed to that kind of thing. http://t.co/x0lKEHyC