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Tuesday's Tweets

08:26 Oh, Jon Huntsman. Too bad you'll never be the nominee. Then again... http://t.co/6q14AmCv
08:31 RT @joshtpm: Jon Stewart: Refusing Media Questions, Herman Cain Is Saying ‘No Means No’ http://t.co/IrolDhZn via @TPM [How ironic!]
08:33 http://t.co/wMjVgTFq is coming to town, and I'll be there to learn from him. Maybe I'll find out what these extra buttons on my camera do.
09:05 Weird to have election day with no actual electing going on. No propositions or nuthin'.
10:42 Vanna White's Greek myth movie only the 2nd worst? Hard to believe. (Most sucktastic acting debut ever.) http://t.co/TflkD6Oo
19:57 Good to know only 41% of Mississippians are fucking insane.