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Monday's Tweets

10:55 @barryeisler It's like a big American flag hug!
13:53 RT @joshtpm: Rush Limbaugh: It's Pronounced Sharon 'Buy-A-Lick (Slurp, Slurp)' http://t.co/mOeFNjgZ [Stay classy, Rush.]
13:56 RT @mostlylisa: How does the iPhone 4S measure-up against all other iPhone models in low light shooting? http://t.co/muAF99iR [Amazing.]
16:21 Power just went out, and came back after 15 seconds or so. WTF?
16:28 Not surprising that Iowans who think Cain's fit to be president also believe these accusations are a giant conspiracy. http://t.co/uk1f4nr8
18:33 Oh, Richard Schickel. Why didn't I consult you before TiVo-ing The Day The Earth Stood Still? http://t.co/s6zpIeu7