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Thursday's Tweets

08:27 As much fun as it is to watch, does anyone really believe a buffoon like Herman Cain will really be the Repug nominee?
11:10 Try this now. Go to Google and type in "do a barrel roll" without quotes. You'll laugh.
18:38 Hey, http://t.co/mJkRYN7y! I don't want girls who love Jesus. I want them to love me. (Ad fail on Facebook)
19:27 How can you not love @Molly23 and Stephen Fry? http://t.co/MselrLKN
20:51 Wow. http://t.co/yfp589a9 #OccupyOakland
22:02 Don't watch much TV any more, aside from @TheDailyShow & @ColbertReport. But boy, have I missed #Bones. Good episode tonight.
22:40 This video combines four of my favorite things. I'll let you figure out what they are, but they're all awesome. http://t.co/Bez3LDkk