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Monday's Tweets

13:30 Does @MarianCall know about this? http://t.co/ZKYI5Vi4
13:45 Rush Limbaugh likes rapists and murderers when they invoke God in their name. What a guy. http://t.co/dEYtVAnD
16:46 I think we just found one lucky pastor. http://t.co/1hQwXEIu
16:58 Lemony Snicket explains what the Occupy Wall Street shouting is about. And a good job he does too. http://t.co/7TJtGRwP
16:59 You can tell I have an outdoor model shoot coming up. I'm charging up all my batteries, and not just the ones in the camera.
18:25 Finally figured out my iPhone sync problem with iOS 5. It's the ringtone install app's fault. Got my ringtones synced too!
21:43 Rob Enderle makes a living pooping out "analysis" like this? The world is doomed. http://t.co/xQn8Ut31