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Friday's Tweets

07:22 Reminder to self: stay the hell away from Apple Stores today. Also from any mall that has an Apple Store.
09:44 RT @hensoncompany: In case you missed it, new #Muppets trailer! http://t.co/Y9fAAo8G (via @MuppetsStudio) [Can't wait to see!]
09:50 Had to wipe & restore my iPhone, but it's running iOS 5 and everything is synced again. A problem: photos now in name order, not time shot.
10:24 Call from Citibank. Data breach means my card number is in the wild. Get to learn a new # & notify lots of merchants. Joy.
12:41 @MsCaliLogan I'm going to have to stop into a Target or Walmart and get a copy. I guess you're famous; I'm just near famous!
12:51 Mormon Church touts poll saying 2/3 of US opposed to gay marriage. Funny that every other poll says the opposite. http://t.co/QHyO2oAo
12:54 Fox dipshit admits they should have "clarified" their story on Obama apology to Japan. "Clarify" meaning it's a lie. http://t.co/5m4ihnTS
22:41 Debugging a major tech meltdown. TiVO, Blu-Ray, AV receiver all failing. AppleTV & cable still okay. Rebooted the TV & now it's back!
23:03 Debugging my HDTV reminds me of why I was a software guy. And why I haven't done any serious debugging in a while.
23:05 Today's big lesson: before you start rewiring, try power cycling everything. It's quicker, easier and works surprisingly often.