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Tuesday's Tweets

08:42 Harry McCracken on why the Open Source freetards' attacks on Steve Jobs and Apple are offensive nonsense: http://t.co/tpAKss6I
11:04 Stupid Yahoo! If I ask about a movie, why do you keep showing me Los Angeles theaters? No wonder I never use you!
12:40 "A long time admirer thinks highly of you." A tautological fortune cookie!
13:24 I had an email from a former coworker. Never hear from him unless he wants something. And so it was this time, although I was no help.
18:02 In what kind of world does a show about the Playboy Club get canceled before a game show called America's Next Republican Candidate?
20:51 Did Rick Perry really place the American Revolution in the 16th Century? Wow, what a maroon.
21:05 @tartqueen Really. http://t.co/Asuo2pKG