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Wednesday's Tweets

07:15 Monty Python's Flying Circus first aired 42 years ago today. Seems a fitting way to acknowledge two of my favorite franchises.
07:31 Internet law forces closure of Wikipedia in Italy. More proof that Italian lawmakers are batshit insane. http://t.co/AFjUfabl
11:28 Via @thinkgeek, it's eat or be eaten. My vote is to eat! http://t.co/uLoo2k9u
12:48 When a robocall claims to be from Credit Card Services, and doesn't identify *which* credit card that is, I can hang up with confidence.
15:03 Hitler's angry again, this time over the iPhone 5. http://t.co/MYBh7NeT
15:18 Sarah Palin announces she isn't running in 2012. Is anybody surprised? Does anybody care?
16:42 Is it true? Is Steve Jobs really gone?
16:53 I thought his first success was a fluke. Thanks, Steve, for proving me wrong. We won't see your like again. http://t.co/2QXfpSJ1
17:14 RT @lomara: Check out this tribute to Steve Jobs from @BoingBoing http://t.co/Hxnr8R0Y [I'm getting all nostalgic 'n stuf.]
23:30  ‘He Changed the Way Each of Us Sees the World.’ http://t.co/RDicmfT2