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Tuesday's Tweets

07:37 The Zune? MSFT's iPod killer? It's finally dead, Jim. http://t.co/wKYshmFC
09:07 RT @TheDailyShow: #TDSBreakingNews iPhone 4 users one hour away from looking at their phones in shameful disgust. [It's twoo! It's twoo!]
09:18 And still I wonder: does Michele Bachmann *know* she's making shit up? http://t.co/GPNsMBkH
09:55 Stunning case before the Supremes, and even more evidence that Scalia's a world class dick: http://t.co/qcqJe8i1
10:28 Reading tweets and posts about the iPhone announcement. The natives are getting restless...
14:47 No iPhone 5, just a measly little 4S. And yet I want one! It's faster, and 64GB will hold my whole iTunes library. Darn you, Apple!
15:30 @KobeATL It does support both GSM (AT&T & Europe) and CDMA (Verizon, Sprint, etc.) in one phone. Dunno how the carriers'll handle roaming.
16:11 @KiwiSpyGirl Minor? More than twice as fast, double the max storage, better antennas, supports two different networks, much better camera.
16:12 @KiwiSpyGirl Oh, and some magical voice command stuff that only works on the new phone. Plus all the goodies in iOS 5. I'm excited.
16:13 @KiwiSpyGirl Yep. 16/32/64GB.
16:17 Grr... Went to AT&T site. It said I may be eligible for an upgrade. And so I am, at FULL PRICE. So no new iPhone for me, at least until Feb.
16:34 RT @TheMacalope: Apple delivers Star Trek-level voice technology, pundits complain about the shape of the box it comes in. [Computer!]