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Friday's Tweets

09:33 Hey @Serve, my answer is trickle down economics #Daily1KGiveaway
11:07 Nonsense lyrics through the years. http://t.co/zQwddteX
11:54 @alwayscoffee Two words. I've never seen it as one word, at least nowhere I'd trust.
14:20 Bought a replacement Mac Mini a couple of weeks ago. Finally installed it. Data migration from the old Mini's gonna take a while...
14:21 RT @wilw: Very important clarification: Listening to @RUSHTHEBAND is awesome, not Rush the jackass talk radio douchebag assclown. [Whew!]
15:20 RT @CraigyFerg: “@NeliasBitch: @CraigyFerg Wilford Brimley spotted in SF? http://t.co/rE4NXmUt” What the hell? [Did not need to see that.]
19:46 New Mac Mini is up and running. Sadly, my ancient Canon color printer isn't supported. Should I replace, or just get a label printer?