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Thursday's Tweets

07:46 RT @billamend: Imperial March played on two floppy drives... http://t.co/1vR6qJf2 [Awesome. Reminds my of RF music from ancient IBM 1620.]
11:22 This is the Texas Miracle that Rick Perry wants to foist on the rest of the country? Jeepers. http://t.co/oE5rSFyV
11:24 Amazon demonstrates yet again (as with HP) that the best way to succeed with a non-iPad tablet is to sell them below cost.
11:27 Having been redshirted in a @barryeisler novel, I really need one of these: http://t.co/I3N5yjYM
13:31 If Amazon uses its profits on content to subsidize its tablet, why couldn't Apple fight back by subsidizing its content (books, music)?
13:56 @scapersuse It's an old, sad story. Check out paragraph 4 of this review: http://t.co/8H2LYGs8
13:58 @barryeisler I'll want you to autograph my red shirt when it arrives.
14:07 @scapersuse Definitely. Although he beat one friend to death with a bicycle in his previous book. I died quietly offstage. It is to weep.
14:25 Pat Buchanan hangs out with creepy racist? Yeah, I'm shocked too. http://t.co/c4jvC1H6
15:08 Oracle press release calls Autonomy's CEO a liar. So that's what honesty looks like. http://t.co/8WRKpzsW
16:17 “I am #teachers …and you can too!” Join @Stephenathome & @Melindagates Foundation to raise $100K for teachers! http://t.co/hRm1YK3W
18:06 Crappy alternatives to the Kindle Fire that cost more. This is tech journalism? Feh. http://t.co/CAvvdJkY via @daringfireball