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Tuesday's Tweets

11:20 A Hezbollah threat in Cuba? Oh, Michele Bachmann, how we're going to miss you. (House Intelligence Committee? Really?) http://t.co/sfBiwUwO
12:35 @ThePlumLineGS A 3rd party is unknown, so it's got to be better. In tech, we call it "My vaporware is better than your shipping product."
12:40 Here's a surprise: that amazing German engineering comes with amazing German customer service. http://t.co/WcnsOsMx
14:56 AT&T, your customer support line sucks. Kept me waiting, then hung up on me. Not feeling the love, or the support.
16:19 Been locked out of one website for over a week. Battled my way through AT&T Support and finally got it straightened out. Victory!
19:38 "Kiss me where I've never been kissed before." "You mean like Salt Lake City?" God, I've missed Big Bang Theory.
20:22 Best. Group. Shot. Ever. http://t.co/yn2K6qEF