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Monday's Tweets

04:52 Fire alarm last night at the hotel. Didn't have to evacuate, but it certainly interrupted my night's sleep. Groggy all day, I fear.
04:53 Leaving CA in a few hours. Sad. Changing planes at DFW, then home to CA. Glad.
05:47 RT @ebertchicago: Rick Perry has "Electile Dysfunction?" Now there's a phrase that could catch on. http://t.co/94gUbzIK [Hee!]
07:36 On the bus to the airport, way too early for my flight. WiFi on the way; how very civilized.
09:17 Pearson Airport in Toronto has free WiFi and outlets in the seats. Oh, Canada. You make me weep for (most of) America.
09:34 @scapersuse Tired. Fire alarm at 1:30am. Didn't have to evacuate, but took long time to fall asleep. At the airport enjoying free WiFi.
09:37 @scapersuse It's about 3 hours from now. The bus ride took a while, but check-in & Customs were quick. So now I listen to audiobooks.
09:38 @scapersuse Yeah, and I was so looking forward to a good night's sleep! That Murphy's Law guy's a real vicious sod.
09:47 Met my first Saskatchewanian on the workshop. Ron would have easily fit in on Dog River. And yes, I know it's not a real place. #cornergas
09:56 @scapersuse They warned me to allow 2 hours for Customs. Still, between WiFi and my iDevices, I'll be okay. Wish I wasn't going home yet.
11:06 @My_Cast You're welcome. Thanks for building such a great iPhone app!
11:11 Bigots are pissed that they're being discriminated against for their bigotry. Shocking, I know. http://t.co/2NVS1uZk
11:52 Flight to DFW is delayed. So far my connection to SFO isn't at risk. So far.
14:41 @KeriSterling Sounds good. Think they'll deliver to 38,000 feet?
14:45 @scapersuse I think it'll be okay. And if it isn't, it could mean a night in Dallas. Not exactly the end of the world. (Typed at 38k feet)
16:30 Just landed at DFW. Still an hour before my next flight.
17:07 Connection to SFO is 38 min late. Wish I'd known before I bought that unimpressive tuna sandwich.
17:19 @scapersuse No worries. At least I got to eat. It's a long way to the Left Coast.
18:10 On the plane. Still a whole lot of hours to go. (You can tell my endurance is running out, can't you?)
21:54 A flight with no WiFi? How did I survive? And yet I did.