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Wednesday's Tweets

08:32 Went looking for breakfast and then a walk around downtown Toronto. Got back to the hotel soaked to the skin. Oh, the humidity!
08:32 RT @JohnRossBowie: Facebook is the crazy single girl who keeps rearranging furniture because THAT's gonna stop the voices. [So that's it!]
08:34 Just got the email: I'm now permanent Platinum in American Airlines' frequent flyer program. Worship me.
08:53 @scapersuse Good thing I brought an umbrella *and* a raincoat.
12:50 You know those "arrr"s we ejaculate on Talk Like a Pirate Day? All lies. Have you no shame, Disney? (Short answer: no.) http://t.co/PP865pu9
18:38 In-room Ethernet is broken, so I have to use the free WiFi in the hotel lobby. #FirstWorldProblem
19:12 @scapersuse The pleasure was entirely mine. Thanks for a fun evening!