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Tuesday's Tweets

05:17 Up way too early. Waiting at San Bruno BART for the train to the airport.
06:19 Free Wifi at SFO? About damn time. Thank you, AmEx for the sponsored access!
06:21 50%? 1%? The point still stands! (Oh, Nikki.) http://t.co/bpWb0i6l
06:39 On the plane to LAX. Then I get to kill some time before the long flight to Toronto.
09:46 I can see WiFi but no power from SFO to LAX, but to Toronto? Hope my battery holds out...
09:55 Just remembered to turn data roaming off on my phone. Don't want to think about the bill. *shudder*
11:09 Inflight WiFi was $10 at the start of the flight. Now it's $13. Howcum? Good thing I bought it early.
12:49 Flight is bumpy. Make it stop, please.
16:36 My cheap hotel room turns out to be perfectly nice. And there's even free Internet. Wired, even!
16:37 @sledge149 I'm guessing it has something to do with the size and cost of the cast. But I agree it sucks. Love Eureka.