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Thursday's Tweets

07:08 According to @thinkgeek, 44 years ago today Mr. Spock first said "Live long & prosper." So? Have we?
07:39 RT @ebertchicago: ROFL! Two versions of the same photo caption, minutes apart: http://t.co/8kS4JhFK [Maybe it sounds nicer in Italian.]
07:41 How *do* you say "unfuckable lardarse" in Italian?
07:50 @barryeisler Wait! There's a "free" association? Where do I sign up?
08:04 @thinkgeek I did get a "Not yet" from one of my Scaper friends. BTW, love the ears!
08:35 A friend's FB post reminded me of a co-op job I really wanted. It went to a classmate who didn't take it. He was killed on 9/11. Weird, huh?
13:25 Picked up a package. Got to my car and thought, man, they did a rotten job at the carwash. Took a moment to realize it wasn't my car.
14:22 "Her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever." Brilliant. http://t.co/5BZYJF0C (via kottke.org)
14:27 George Lucas, now you've gone too far. Too. Far. http://t.co/6ezyHEPe (Emma Stone, I want you. So much.)
14:38 @VictoriaDahl C'mon, Victoria! You have to admit that Rush suggesting someone else is overweight raises the chutzpah bar to new heights.