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Wednesday's Tweets

10:39 @VictoriaDahl So excited you mistyped your editor's Twitter name? That's seriously excited!
10:42 @VictoriaDahl It is? You mean like Vic-to-ri-a-a-ah?
17:57 Interview is done. On BART and headed for home.
21:08 Not so much a review of @barryeisler's latest as an epic pissing contest between two semi-sane writers: http://t.co/XT7rW2eT
21:15 @barryeisler I was grading on the curve. Not knowing Blake, I imagined him as sane. So he and Konrath average to semi-sane.
21:20 @barryeisler You mean Blake is the one lobed man? Or was that the guy who killed Kimble's wife? No, that was one arm...
21:40 RT @lomara: A portion of the money generated by today's Doctor Horrible @teefury shirt goes to Club Mo @motancharoen. I bought 1 [Me too.]