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Monday's Tweets

08:17 Morning on Mono Lake. http://t.co/2Ht5IEB
09:07 I sold 7 images today through @shutterstock! My gallery is here: http://t.co/aq3Ip66
15:07 Top of the world, ma! (Devils Postpile) http://t.co/H9y981T
17:55 My road trip is almost done. Tomorrow I drive back to the Bay Area via Yosemite. Might take a picture if there's anything worth shooting.
18:54 Okay, @shutterstock, enough is enough. You reject images for noise, then reject the edits for use of noise reduction. Your reviewers suck.
19:15 Repugs cheer Texas executions, letting uninsured die. So much for "kinder, gentler nation".
19:36 LA Times architecture critic hates new Apple campus because it's suburban? Ironic much, LA Guy? http://t.co/mSGKXOQ
20:31 @gruber My COBRA's around $600 per month. And an equivalent policy will be a whole lot more when that coverage runs out.