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Wednesday's Tweets

07:10 Happy Birthday to me! Today I turn 39. (Decimal got too depressing, so now I'm using hex.)
07:37 RT @JohnFugelsang: Rick Perry cut Texas Volunteer Fire Dept funding 75%, now asking Federal Gov't for money to fight fires. Any questions?
09:09 I sold 29 images today through @shutterstock! My gallery is here: http://t.co/aq3Ip66
10:56 @millhouseyiddo Thanks, Martyn. Today will be uneventful. Saving the fun for the weekend: hot air balloons in Reno!
11:02 Would you spend $5 to help save a bit of history? I just did. http://t.co/qAqx3Ls
14:17 Reading new bio of Davy Crockett. Able to charm his way into Congress, a total failure while he was there. Tea Party would have loved him.
19:21 In my seat at @SJRep with 10 minutes to spare. Judging by the instruments onstage, it's a musical.
22:31 Back from @SJRep. Spring Awakening is a sad story, as only a 19th century German could write. But the music helped & the cast was amazing.
22:32 Got to say hi to the cast after the show. One actress was Lucy the Slut in Avenue Q at SJ Stage. She was less slutty in this one.