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Friday's Tweets

09:10 I sold 23 images today through @shutterstock! My gallery is here: http://t.co/aq3Ip66
09:16 Rick Perry is harshing Michele Bachmann's electoral mellow? I *so* wanted her to be the Repug nominee. http://t.co/gimwKzA
10:03 RT @leeunkrich: And you thought 'Up' made you cry... (via @jcodfishpie) http://t.co/eRQi3Mb [Dismay production indeed.]
11:35 MSFT opening a store at Valley Fair? Right across from the Apple Store? Aren't they suffering enough? http://t.co/aMOcjyu
19:31 At a coffee shop in Sararoga watching @mariancall do her concert setup thing. Fun!
20:04 It begins. @mariancall http://t.co/iXZsApI