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Wednesday's Tweets

09:11 I got 13 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://t.co/gYVC6KA
11:14 Car in for service. Tire pressure light came on during drive home last night. Pressure's fine, so I'm afoot while they figure it out.
16:08 Tim Cook's an impressive guy. Apple the company will do well under him. As for the employees, he's no worse than Steve to work for.
16:09 Stupid tire pressure sensor. Stupid dead tire pressure sensor. Stupid *expensive* dead tire pressure sensor.
18:06 I met Steve Jobs once, at a conference. He was at Next, I was at Sun. Our trade show manager had been at Apple. Steve was kind of a jerk.
18:16 Much as I hated working at Steve Jobs' Apple (and the feeling was clearly mutual), I have nothing but praise for the company & its products.