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Saturday's Tweets

08:02 Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house, but Michele Bachman sees back into time to fear the Soviets. http://t.co/MPle7KA
08:29 Do 90% of Internet users really not know to use Ctrl-F to search? Do they need someone to cut up their meat too? http://t.co/P20DXXh
09:43 Off to Sacramento. Shooting with Lisa this afternoon. Can't wait!
17:29 Today's model is a no show. Always hated being stood up by blind dates. This feels just as bad, and is a lot more expensive to boot.
19:15 I was feeling sorry for myself for being stood up by a model. Then I read this. http://t.co/BgIdjZc
21:42 RT @counternotions: "Prediction is hard — especially about the future." [Deep.]