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Thursday's Tweets

06:45 @lizbelsky But I don't *want* to get married! Okay if we just fool around for a while?
09:09 I got 15 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://t.co/gYVC6KA
09:10 @alwayscoffee The Mac OS X dictionary doesn't recognize it, for whatever that's worth.
09:14 @alwayscoffee I'd go ahead and use it. Even if it isn't recognized as a word, the meaning is obvious and unambiguous. What else matters?
11:57 RT @JonHuntsman: To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy. [A sane Repug? Imagine that.]
12:31 @youhas Agreed. He has no chance of becoming the candidate. Just surprising to hear something sane from anyone in the GOP.
12:36 So another iPad killer suffers a quick and ignominious demise. HP's TouchPad will be touched no more. http://t.co/7Vkrqwa
12:56 @TomTomUSA Pontiac LeMans. 1968, which my parents got me in 1975. Loved that car.
14:39 @macosken The HP Charnel House?
14:45 Facebook should buy Palm just for the naming opportunity. Too good to pass up. http://t.co/FghFCnE
15:18 Ewwww! http://t.co/tKXfewp
22:05 Back from dinner in SF with @chrismarquardt and his workshop attendees. Always fun to hang out with photographers.
22:22 WhyTF does anyone listen to analysts ever? http://t.co/5Fb8bLy
22:24 Number 1 with a bullet. Or is that "number 1 takes a bullet"? http://t.co/oQvWB4D