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Saturday's Tweets

09:05 I got 59 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://t.co/gYVC6KA
14:18 Mono is good. Stereo is evil. (Like Bert is Evil?) Thank you, Bob Dylan! http://t.co/hmkJsjR
16:42 Thanks, Adobe. Thought I'd uninstall Photoshop CS4, since I have CS5. But your uninstaller wiped some stuff CS5 needs. Not happy.
19:59 Is @KeithOlbermann right? Is this shot of Michele Bachmann (http://j.mp/nUqRgr) really worse than yesterday's (http://t.co/0SkXhDN)?
20:18 @ebertchicago Good but not perfect. I went for the 15" MacBook Pro. Needed more than 4GB of memory.
20:54 This Iowa Straw Poll, it's about literally buying votes? Only a Republican could see nothing undemocratic about that.