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Wednesday's Tweets

10:03 Robert Bork is so extreme, he makes Scalia seem almost reasonable. So who does Mitt pick to co-chair his legal team? http://huff.to/o9sj9I
14:11 What timing! Got back from lunch and a stop at REI just as UPS truck pulled up. It's my new MacBook Pro! Now xfering stuff from backup disk.
15:49 Not sure yet about Lion, but HOLY SHIT, is this MacBook Pro fast! Can't wait for the memory upgrade to arrive!
22:53 @paulandstorm "Songs she sang to me, Songs she brang to me, Words that rang in me, Rhymes that sprang from me." #BullshitLyric
22:54 @paulandstorm "And no one heard at all, not even the chair." That Neil Diamond, he knew a #BullshitLyric when he wrote one.