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Friday's Tweets

09:05 Comment on this article calls Sarah Palin "all antlers and no moose". Wish I'd thought of that one. http://bit.ly/pZcdlT
09:52 Good News/Bad News: Bad: both my shoots for this weekend were postponed. Good: I found two substitutes that should be fun.
10:09 Just got a ticket to Stuffed & Unstrung with Brian Henson at SF Sketchfest in August. So excited! http://www.sfsketchfest.com/schedule/
10:41 RT @TomTomUSA: Ever wish u could just sore above all the #traffic? http://bit.ly/nhF8HR [Hope that's a typo!]
13:17 Marcus Bachmann is delusional, a lying sack, or more likely both. He's also a cartoonish buffoon. http://bit.ly/n8smbL