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Thursday's Tweets

08:10 Fascinating @ggreenwald takedown of Wired Magazine on their withholding Bradley Manning chat logs. http://bit.ly/plIZNi
08:17 @ToryBelleci Yep. And we get to keep having fun watching you have fun!
12:09 See, I didn't know Slave Leia was a problem! http://bit.ly/pTSbwJ
12:27 RT @DepressedDarth: JK Rowling said this might not be the end of Harry Potter. Little advice, whatever you do, don't make prequels. [Word.]
16:40 For Michele Bachmann to accuse the President of chutzpah, mispronouncing the word in the process, is classic, Oy, the irony!
17:17 @VictoriaDahl What are these flaws of which you speak?
18:27 Off to @SJRep. It's One Man Star Wars tonight. Will the audience show up in Force?
19:24 Psycho Donuts in downtown San Jose is selling wookiee balls. Guess that's one way to keep 'em from breeding.
19:40 Listening to original trilogy Star Wars music. It's been way too long.
19:45 @scapersuse They're playing it before One Man Star Wars Trilogy begins. One Canadian man, I must point out.
19:53 For every empty seat at One Man Star Wars, an ewok cries. Or farts. One of those. @SJRep
22:14 One Man Star Wars was nerd humor at its finest. Also, his Gollum is almost as good as @donttrythis. Can @SJRep get One Man LotR? Please?