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Friday's Tweets

08:22 Watching the end of an era. http://j.mp/nLG1gE
08:36 A beautiful launch. Godspeed, Atlantis.
09:41 Such an interesting Belly Flop. Seems a shame to eat it. (iPhone needs a macro lens.) http://lockerz.com/s/118209116
09:47 RT @SJRep: In honor of #sjromsw, @psychodonuts in @SJ_Downtown will be selling Wookie Ballz after the show! http://twitpic.com/5n2ogy [Uhh]
09:55 @altonbrown Pine nuts? Is that the official disease of the Pacific Northwest?
09:59 Another employee followed me into the building this morning. His badge had been disabled the morning of his last day. Smooth move, IT.
17:11 Shooting in a Berkeley hotel room with a pale skinned English redhead. Life is cruel sometimes.