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Wednesday's Tweets

08:12 Half term governor half completes splashy bus tour. Who's surprised? http://bit.ly/in1P3V
09:14 A friend has an even longer history of working at failing tech firms than I do. A while back he left Sun for RIM. http://bit.ly/jbLIHz
09:23 Georgia goes after illegal immigrants, destroys agriculture in the state. Should've seen that coming. http://bit.ly/iJ4REN
11:01 Coworker just told me she's taking early retirement. Is it awful that my greatest sadness is at losing a source of free candy?
11:26 Just because the auto industry has lied to us in the past doesn't mean they're lying now. It doesn't, right? http://bit.ly/jJdW86
12:17 Westboro Baptist Church pickets Jackass star Ryan Dunn's funeral. Hard to know who's worse. Oh yeah, not the dead guy. http://huff.to/k1hTGP