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Saturday's Tweets

12:15 @VictoriaDahl Unless of course by "fishing", they really mean fishing.
13:56 @wilw @ggreenwald Maybe not okay, but we're leery of undermining him. Learned from GOP support of GWB: hold your nose & support your guy.
14:49 @Molly23 @mariancall Brain Snuggles is the name of my Frente cover band.
15:29 They may be my people, but they're still nuckin' futs. http://is.gd/GlX2cv
15:35 I wondered why I love this shirt: http://bit.ly/ltdwYy Now I know it's a meme, not (just) stupidity: http://bit.ly/lAtdXT
21:26 Apple's ads talk about stuff you can do with iThings. Moto's Droid ads announce its dual core processor. 'Cuz doing nothing faster is cool.
21:27 Just bought my 2nd Einstein strobe. Know anybody who wants to buy some gently used studio lights?