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Friday's Tweets

07:04 Thought I was feeling the Rapture last night. Turns out it was just heartburn.
08:22 RT @billamend: Heading to Las Vegas this weekend. I assume any Rapture disruptions there will be minimal. [Sounds like a safe bet.]
09:59 @paulandstorm Darn you, Storm! Now all I *can* think of is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!
10:52 The great thing about this Rapture business is how it helps us identify the fuckin' loons in our midst.
11:40 RT @paulandstorm: [S] Submitted without comment. #rapture http://yfrog.com/h8zio8j [I'm frightened...]
11:47 This is cool. A London Underground map of MSFT acquisitions. http://bit.ly/kB2TAw (MSFT & cool in one tweet? Truly we are in the end times.)
13:52 @ebertchicago That's sad. Like having Fu Manchu as Peter Seller's last film.
13:53 I want the scrat one. Want. http://www.iphonealley.com/blog/macbook-and-ipad-decals
13:55 At the gate for my flight. Way too early as usual. But I get to enjoy the free WiFi, so it's all quality time.
13:55 @JustaSunGod That little acorn-obsessed creature from Ice Age. I think that's what he was called.
15:35 Hey, you Internet people, get off my lawn! http://bit.ly/ijn0ZP
15:53 @HappyTinfoilCat Too bad he turned into a self-important crank right after.
19:05 At the hotel in Troutdale, OR. Mount Hood is looking particularly glorious this evening, and I didn't take time for a photo stop. Duh.
20:42 What have I done to myself? They expect us to be out of the hotel at 4:15. In the morning! Did you know there's a 4:15 in the morning?