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Saturday's Tweets

08:41 Music industry in Canada demands money for every memory card sold. So photographers are your bitches now? http://bit.ly/lKsp4S
09:10 @VictoriaDahl Could some of them kill themselves or at least disappear mysteriously? That way the world will have ended for *them*.
09:13 OMFG! This is brilliant! Way to mess with the heads of the Apocalyptics! http://www.harryjconnolly.com/blog/?p=4903
12:15 RT @DCPlod: Shirley Sherrod Returns to USDA, Andrew Breitbart To Cry Self To Sleep #p2 http://wp.me/p1ypQt-T [Justice prevails for once.]
18:21 Google autocomplete puts its thumb on the scale of objectivity. http://themacadvocate.com/2011/05/13/google-auto-complete-no-bias-here/
21:06 Watching The Hidden Fortress, Kurosawa's ripoff of Star Wars from 19 years in the past. Sneaky devil, that Kurosawa.