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Friday's Tweets

08:21 Geeky & adorable at the same time: MicroSD case modeled on a teeny Atari 810 floppy drive. Want. http://bit.ly/lfHQWb
08:24 Amanda Palmer reinterprets Friday, makes it all dirty. Definitely NSFW. http://bit.ly/kvHCpH
08:30 @alwayscoffee Yep. Amanda Palmer's amazing. Why didn't I discover her sooner?
09:12 @alwayscoffee I heard her a while back as part of Dresden Dolls, thanks to a mix CD from our friend @elkit. Coin-Operated Boy is brilliant.
10:25 Albert Einstein: "God does not play dice with the universe." Niels Bohr: "Einstein, don't tell God what to do." http://on.io9.com/jHeumj
11:44 Anybody else getting lots of MobileMe password rejections today? Annoying.
11:51 Oh the felinity! When kittehs collide! http://bit.ly/mJudfQ
12:46 Lunch. http://lockerz.com/s/99306623
13:49 Hey, twittizens! @alton_brown is among us. The man who made cooking almost as much fun as eating!
18:13 @ThatSusanBurke Are you sure those are two different fears? Sound like cause and effect to me.