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Thursday's Tweets

10:05 Poll: 58% of Americans say they'd never vote for Trump for Prez. Kinda gives you faith, don't it? http://bit.ly/lkqoUD
11:32 Chili Cook-Off, Salsa & Beer Tasting in Petaluma on Saturday. Yum! http://www.cinnabartheater.org/chili/
19:43 Did you know that A.A. Milne of Pooh fame wrote a murder mystery? Just listened to the free audiobook on Librivox. http://bit.ly/miS0vQ
19:59 @devans00 Nope, no Roo or Piglet. They arrived later with Christopher Robin.
20:00 RT @mikememoli: Santorum: Since helicopters took off, Obama admin has mishandled OBL "beyond belief" [Boy, that didn't take long.]
20:34 Just got 2 new Pocket Wizards! No, they aren't sex toys; they're photographic toys. Yes, there's a difference.