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Tuesday's Tweets

07:11 Bush people crow about torture leading to Bin Laden raid, but AP says that's not so. http://tpm.ly/jKHKZX
10:28 @VictoriaDahl Sounds like a call for some hands-on experimentation.
13:16 @alwayscoffee I don't know but I can ask. What kind of dog? How much attention does it need?
14:22 @alwayscoffee @catvalente I'll check with a couple of dog-friendly friends. Where is the beast now? And when does it need to start?
20:33 Forbes: MSFT's revenue disguises its stalled growth, as its market cap vs. APPL shows. http://onforb.es/kKJUP9
20:39 Watching @Maddow on @TheDailyShow. I worship that woman, in a completely secular way.
20:45 "It is one thing to shoot a man in the eye. It is something else to accuse him of having a Zune." - @StephenAtHome