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Sunday's Tweets

10:49 Eyes are tearing something awful. Allergy season?
12:12 Trump upset at Correspondent's Dinner jokes about him? Maybe he shouldn't surround himself with ass-kissers. http://bit.ly/iUzIIL
20:00 Which is better? Osama being taken out, or Celebrity Apprentice getting preempted so Obama can deliver the news?
20:10 RT @jakefogelnest: What are the chances Osama Bin Laden died of autoerotic asphyxiation? [That didn't take long, did it?]
20:10 RT @pattonoswalt: Oh shit -- AP reporting Bin Laden has regenerated as Tom Baker. [And there's another one.]
20:15 RT @CaliLewis: I wouldn't have known that Osama bin Laden is dead if it weren't for Twitter. #JustSayin' [You're not the only one.]
20:32 RT @SarahSpain: WOW. Read closely - typical Fox News. http://twitpic.com/4s7aye [At least MoFos are consistent assholes.]
20:34 RT @paulandstorm: [P] RT @cnn BREAKING: bin Laden Was Found Via Location Tracking Through His iPhone [Oopsy!]
20:51 With all the intelligence & military failures we hear about, it's good to remember just how effective American forces can be.