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Friday's Tweets

07:55 @cartalk Even though Beefeaters lose their stony expressions, and their lunch, whever they hear us say it #ThisisNPR #RoyalWedding
10:47 @JustaSunGod There's an ointment that'll clear that right up.
12:47 RT @acedtect: My hope is that all this attention on the royal wedding will make bald spots on men super hot. [Ahh, if only.]
13:53 If Apple wanted to send Android owners racing to the iPhone, they couldn't come up with anything better than Airpush. http://bit.ly/isywKa
14:13 I understand about product placement, but does @BonesOnFox have to be so damn obvious about it? Take your self-parking Prius and go.
15:49 So it appears push advertising on your phone just may be the worst idea ever. http://bit.ly/mCxzXs
16:23 Existential Star Wars? It's like Lucas had something to say. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-uQWNd540I
17:06 Just got a fundraising call from Planned Parenthood. I owe the Right a lot for showing me the value PP provides. So now I'm a monthly donor.