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Thursday's Tweets

08:09 Onion: "Trump Unable To Produce Certificate Proving He's Not A Festering Pile Of Shit." It's funny 'cuz it's true. http://onion.com/iB61cq
08:18 @scapersuse Did you hear the clip on @TheDailyShow of how Trump would tell OPEC to knock it off? He puts the fun in dysfunctional.
08:40 Great piece explaining how the iPhone et alia use cell towers & WiFi to speed up GPS lock-on. http://bit.ly/jE94j9 via @TheMacalope
11:27 Turns out iPhones don't track individual users. But Google's Android? That's a horse of a different color. http://bit.ly/l8KvmD
13:37 What an incredible underachiever Obama was in school! (Be sure to read to the end.) http://bit.ly/mkzSsR
21:10 Sexy church signs. Hee! http://some.ly/dIehHg