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Wednesday's Tweets

05:55 Fun to watch Android fans hating themselves over loving the iPad. I'm with them, aside from the loving Android thing. http://bit.ly/heYpJA
06:15 A leopard doesn't change its spots, nor a skunk its stink. Barnes & Noble outs MSFT on eReaders. http://bit.ly/fPI5Uw
06:42 A friend once described a college classmate of ours as having bad breath of the soul. That phrase applies equally well to Donald Trump.
09:01 @cartalk Your cupholders are leaking fluid. That's gonna cost. #gottamaketheboatpayment
09:05 RT @Alyssa_Milano: Let's do this! I WILL MATCH EVERY DOLLAR you donate until we reach our goal for LF➛ http://bit.ly/h0NFzL [I just did.]
09:08 Let's be honest. This is all about the Right's unvoiced accusation of Governing While Black. http://wapo.st/gogGRo
09:09 @jennakimjones Of course he is. It's not like Trump will have a good hair day of his own!
09:35 Would it surprise anyone to learn that Orly Taitz's birth certificate lists her race as "asshat"? http://bit.ly/jEcc9J
13:42 Finished @VictoriaDahl audiobook & on to Bill Bryson's latest. Fascinating, but not nearly so arousing. Yeah, I know: TMI.
13:45 RT @ToryBelleci: Wow! What a welcoming. You guys are awesome. I'm gonna have to blow something up in honor of everyone. [That's all we ask.]
14:07 @daynal It's free admission to the Smithsonian. You pay for IMAX and the like, but not to get into the various museums.
14:11 @daynal Google is your friend: http://www.si.edu/visit/
14:13 @JustaSunGod What exactly *is* the way to much fun?
14:13 @daynal They pay you?
14:14 @JustaSunGod Not second star to the right & straight on till morning?
19:05 Paul Revere & The Riders #bandsmissingaletter
21:57 Did @Mythbusters really invoke MIlton the Monster? They surely did.