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Tuesday's Tweets

06:27 The Internet says no more typewriters. http://bit.ly/dMqNaO The Internet says it's not true. http://gaw.kr/fILVUr I believe the Internet.
08:05 @billprady And apparently not true: http://gawker.com/#!5795649/relax-theyre-still-making-typewriters
14:27 Hey, @reduced! How about calling the Xmas show "The Jolly Fat Man - Reduced"? Bet you could get Gold's Gym to sponsor!
15:04 @paisano, I think you're being unfair to @ebertchicago. I'm glad he shares as much as he does here, & don't expect him to hang on my words.
18:41 I'm going to a Meetup with Bay Area Glamour Photography http://meetu.ps/RmT