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Monday's Tweets

09:40 Atlas Shrugged, and so did the audience. The Free Market votes with its dollars. http://bit.ly/h8qjuE
10:27 @VictoriaDahl I'd agree. Those women are so desperate to look young, they end up looking older. And more desperate.
10:41 WI Gov Walker would have much easier time governing if not for all those darn recalls. http://bit.ly/fqrfHg
11:00 At least they're consistent. TX GOP try to cut funds to volunteer firefighters by 75% during devastating fire season. http://bit.ly/eUuAGn
11:02 Pop Photo magazine gets smart, includes sample content in free iPad app. So now I'm a subscriber. See how that works?
12:00 Fun stuff at @SJRep this summer: @Reduced World of Sports & One Man Star Wars. Got my tickets! http://goo.gl/fb/3MYOg
13:37 Practice makes perfect for @ebertchicago & the New Yorker Caption Contest. It's good to have skills. http://nyr.kr/dKj2rj
15:26 @nicoleisbetter You should! And then you should let me photograph you in it. It's a win-win!
18:24 So cool. A Leica camera that mates with an iPhone 4. If only... http://engt.co/hGZp4g
20:15 In the dotcom bubble, execs raided pension funds & replaced them with junk bonds to pay their obligations. The bubble burst & retirees lost.
20:17 Louisiana Gov Jindal either doesn't remember the dotcom lesson or doesn't give a shit. Which makes him the poster child for GOP arrogance.